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Two-year-old's injuries prompt detectives to seek mother's boyfriend

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Daniel McAllister Daniel McAllister
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A two-year-old girl is hanging on to life at a Columbia hospital. She was dropped off there by the man authorities believe beat her. That man is on the loose, and the little girl's mother spoke to WIS News 10's Dan Tordjman.

Christiana Gallishaw was left alone at a Columbia home with a man her mother trusted, Daniel McAlister. He was her live-in boyfriend, and was supposed to be taking care of the two-year-old while mom worked.

But then McAlister showed up at Palmetto Richland hospital, the little girl in his hands, shaking and severely bruised.

Lt. Chris Cowan of the Richland County Sheriff's Department says, "McAlister claims he was at home with the child there at Crafton Way and the child, he came in, and the child was unresponsive on the floor."

McAlister told authorities Gallishaw fell and hit her head. But the bruises on her face and body  tell a different story. Lt. Cowan says, "What he's saying is completely inconsistent with the injuries the child sustained and the medical findings - bottom line with the child and everything he's saying is inconsistent."

Deputies wanted to know more, but they say McAlister dropped the girl off at the hospital, then left. He hasn't been seen since.

Meanwhile, Gallishaw's mother tells WIS News 10 that her baby is clinging to life. Her injuries are so bad, doctors she was likely kicked in the head - and she might already be brain dead. "She seemed like she had no life. I was calling her name and she just pretty much like, 'Uh.' Her eyes were almost shut. She was not moving."

"Why to a two-year-old? She didn't do anything. That's my world. I let you into my world. I want to know why."

On Thursday, Gallishaw's family told WIS that if doctors don't see some improvement by this afternoon, they'll have to take her off life support. 

Investigators need your help finding 23-year-old Daniel McAlister who faces a charge of "infliction of great bodily injury upon a child."

If you have any information on where he might be, you can call the Richland County Sheriff's Office.

Reported by Dan Tordjman

Posted by Bryce Mursch

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