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SC grocery tax to disappear

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - No more state sales tax on groceries soon, that's part of a bill passed by the General Assembly this week.

Ann Nelson is counting down the days until November first. "I can hardly wait."

That's because she knows that she'll no longer have to pay a state food tax. Right now she's paying three percent. "The food prices are so high. It's so high, taxes are so high."

According to the Board of Economic advisors, South Carolina will now be one of 30 states that doesn't have to pay taxes on food, but local taxes will still apply.

The tax elimination only applies to unprepared food, meaning that items like vitamins, toothpaste, and even pre-cooked deli meals will not be tax exempt.

The BEA says the new tax elimination will save the state $202 million a year.

Nelson says, "That tax-free money, you know, I can just keep that money and go towards my saving and my checking account."

And that will leave more money in her pockets and possibly more food in her refrigerator.

And just to put the new grocery tax elimination in perspective for you - if you spend $200 a week on groceries you'd be saving at least $24 a month.

Reported by Trey Paul

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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