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Woman converts to following Gamecocks; wheelchair disappears at USC spring game

SUMMERTON, SC (WIS) - A Summerton woman needs a wheelchair after hers disappeared at the USC spring football game. Making it even worse, she tells WIS, she hasn't been a fan of the team for that long - she used to follow the Tigers.

WIS viewers are stepping in to help Harriette Folkers. For two years she's been struggling to adapt after losing her foot to a degenerative bone disease. "They treated it and everything. Tried to save it, but it was too far gone."

Though Harriette can walk short distances - she needs a wheelchair for anything more. And now, travel is even tougher. While attending Saturday's Garnet and Black game at Williams-Brice stadium, someone stole Harriette's chair.

She's frustrated, "After this happened Saturday, I told my friends in church Sunday - I said I'm just going to become a hermit."

After being wheeled into the stadium with the help of a family member, Harriette left the chair near the entrance to section three. It was folded up and out of the way. She had no reason to believe that anyone would walk off with it. "It really irritated me and I was upset."

Police searched the stadium, but there was no sign of the chair. "If someone needed it worse than I did, then I wouldn't feel bad. I would just like to know."

Harriette is still trying to get her wheels back. Tuesday afternoon, she visited the USC police department to take a look at a chair found over the weekend at a liquor store on Bluff Road, but again, no luck. "That's not mine because I can tell from the material."

Harriette says she's been trying to please her family by becoming a Carolina fan after years of following Clemson. It hasn't helped to get ripped off at the home of the Gamecocks.

In an update to this story - several viewers have called wanting to give a wheelchair to Harriette. So far, there are at least eight offers.

Reported by Jack Kuenzie

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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