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"Men's Health" says Columbia has the country's worst drivers

(Columbia) March 21, 2007 - A new report says Columbia has the worst drivers in the entire country.

An article in this month's "Men's Health" magazine ranked 100 US cities for crashes. Columbia finished dead last with a grade of "F."

Here are a couple of the scathing comments in the article:

"Spend a day in Columbia, South Carolina. And wear a helmet. Simply put, the city is lousy with bad drivers."

"A Boeing 737 could land there, but the cars can't avoid bending fenders."

So - are Columbia's drivers really that bad? Here's what some of you are saying.

"But this town is bad for you if you're on two wheels, there's no doubt about that. If you ride a motorcycle you take your, you know, your life at peril every time you leave your house around here."

"I think things move a little too slowly sometimes, but I don't think there's any traffic hazards or, or any accident hazards."

"In this city we seem like, that we're willing, to just move up one spot we're willing to endanger two or three people's lives when it's not going to get us effectively from Point A to Point B any faster than it would have if we had allowed the person to get in. It just seems to be more accomadating in major metropolitan areas. I do not know why Columbia is like that. I love Columbia. It's my home, I've always lived here. We have some of the worst drivers in America."

Now, you're probably wondering how Men's Health came up with their findings. Researchers looked at a number of statistics including speeding numbers, traffic accidents and fatalities, and seat belt use.

In case you're wondering what city has the best drivers, it's Des Moines, Iowa.

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