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Florida woman fights to keep dog in barber shop

(Titusville, Florida-NBC) November 14, 2006 - A Florida woman and her dog have had their day in court. The state was trying to fine her more than $5,000 for keeping the dog in her Titusville barber shop. She fought back and the state backed down.

For 25 years, Satey Higginbotham has had a Yorkshire Terrier in her shop on Hopkins Avenue in Titusville. She runs the shop along with her daughter Dorothy and "Snoopy."

For Satey and her customers, the pooch is a fixture, a tradition. Satey says, "They love that dog, the dog loves them."

But the state Department of Regulation said, rules are rules. And the rule is no dogs, because of their hair.

Satey refused to back down even when the fines mounted to more than $5,000. She just can't understand why hair in a barbershop of all places, is a problem, "Nobody on that board could give me a reason why dogs shouldn't be in the barbershop."

The state agency held a hearing Tuesday and in language to picturesque to repeat, Satey told them she'd go to jail before she paid the fine.

The regulators blinked. They backed down and said she could keep Snoopy in a back room at the shop.

So from now on, Snoopy goes to and from work with the boss lady, who's not saying whether or not she'll obey the back room rule.

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