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Soldier who left Fort Bragg returns to face penalties

(Raleigh, NC-AP) August 18, 2006 - A soldier who abandoned his post at Fort Bragg is back in North Carolina to face punishment. Sergeant Ricky Clousing says he left the base after a tour of duty in Iraq left him confused and unhappy with the military.

Clousing served five months in Iraq, where he says he saw civilians being mistreated by American troops daily. He says his commanders refused to listen to his concerns.

Clousing left Fort Bragg in the middle of the night last year, then turned himself in to military authorities in Washington State last week.

Arriving at Raleigh-Durham airport Friday morning, Clousing says he hopes other Fort Bragg soldiers will understand why he decided to leave. He says he cared about the people in his unit, and his only regret is that he let them down by not being the soldier they expected him to be.

Posted 8:47am by Bryce Mursch

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