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Reporter's quest to cover Israel-Lebanon conflict terrifies mother

(National-NBC) July 25, 2006 - There are dozens of American reporters in the Mideast covering the war, and in many cases their families are in the US, watching and worrying as they see their loved ones in the middle of the death and destruction.

One Florida mother cringes every time she sees her son report from the front line.

The big names are covering the battle between Israel and Hezbollah guerillas in Lebanon. So are the small names, and Jaron Gilinksy is one of them.

Gilinsky's family says he works part time for an independent TV station and mostly for himself, and that pursuing the conflict because Israel is his passion.

The internet is his broadcast vehicle. Simple graphics show him pushing from Tel Aviv into the hot zone recently. Gilinsky talks about his travels, "We just made it to Haifa, one of the largest cities in Israel. Just the other day there was a Katusha rocket fired on it, killing eight people at a train depot."

Gilinsky headed for that bombed-out depot, and in south Florida his mother was terrified. Susan Gilinsky says, "Selfishly, I thought my goodness what is he going there? I need to get him away, he risked his life."

At the train depot in Haifa, a manager showed Gilinsky where a Hezbollah rocket punched a deadly hole in the roof, even as the young-self made reporter looked at the damage, he says more rocket fire began.

To Susan, that was too much, "I was a little hysterical. I pleaded with him to come home for a few weeks just so that I could be close to him and he said I was overreacting and mustn't be emotional."

Her son emerged unhurt to his and his mother's great relief.  

Jaron says, "I can't believe that we're alive and got that on tape."

Despite the fear she felt, Susan is standing behind Jaron, "My son is spiritual and feels it is his role in life."

Jaron has told his mother he will remain in Tel Aviv and away from the front line for the time being.

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