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Iraqi PM declines to condemn Hezbollah

(Capitol Hill-AP) July 25, 2006 - It came up at a White House news conference Tuesday. A reporter asked the prime minister of Iraq for his position on Hezbollah - and the Iraqi didn't condemn the militants who've been firing rockets on Israel.

That's got some on Capitol Hill very upset. Nouri al-Maliki is supposed to speak to Congress Wednesday. But Democrats are wondering whether he should.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says after all of the American deaths in Iraq, and the billions of dollars US taxpayers have spent there, this country is entitled to know al-Maliki's opinion of Hezbollah.

New York Senator Charles Schumer doubts he'll show for al-Maliki's speech. Schumer says many in Congress feel "uncomfortable" with the Iraqi leader condemning Israel's attacks on Lebanon.

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