Sen. Hollings defends column labeled "anti-Jewish" by some - - Columbia, South Carolina

Sen. Hollings defends column labeled "anti-Jewish" by some

(Columbia-AP) May 19, 2004 - Senator Ernest Hollings is defending statements he made in a newspaper opinion article he wrote that said President Bush went to war with Iraq to protect Israel and appease American Jews. Read it on the senator's web site

Hollings, a Democrat, refused to talk with The State newspaper in Columbia about the article on Tuesday, but his office released a letter the retiring senator sent a constituent as a statement.

Hollings wrote that he could provide quotes from Jewish leaders in the United States and Israel to support his position. Hollings says characterizations of his comments as "anti-Jewish" are ridiculous.

Hollings column appeared in three South Carolina newspapers earlier this month.

Abraham Foxman, president of the Anti-Defamation League, asked Hollings to retract his comments.

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