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Artist hopes to bring good fortune to Columbia

Brilliant's rendition of the fortune cookie fortunes. Brilliant's rendition of the fortune cookie fortunes.

By Taylor Kearns - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In downtown Columbia, you can find a big hydrant, a big chain, and big controversy. But soon you may also find good fortune, thanks to artist Jonathan Brilliant.

"Whenever I look at objects in my head, I'm always sort of imagining what if this were a scale model for a larger object," said Brilliant.

Brilliant's next project will be placing giant fortune cookie fortunes at the corner of Main and Lady.

"In the past, I've focused a lot on creating work in the gallery because I was more interested in drawing an audience in, but this will be a very interesting intervention out in public and this will ask the public to engage with the art in their everyday life," said Brilliant.

Amanda Redwine and the Columbia Design League chose Brilliant's idea as part of the "Play with Your City" contest.

It's all about taking a playful approach to our shared spaces and thinking in an innovative way about what public art is," said Redwine.

If you're wondering what they'll say, Brilliant says that's part of the fun. Even he doesn't know.

"Whatever is chosen, the expression is sort of the fortune cookie wisdom," said Brilliant. "It always seems to apply."

Brilliant will pick them at random from a collection he keeps at home. His target audience is the type that spends time downtown -- folks that are typically on-the-go that might not have time to check out a gallery or sit down for a full plate of moogoo gai pan.

"It's so rare in the middle of the city center that we step onto the grass and kind of think of something not related to the hum of business," said Brilliant.

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