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Orangeburg cuts ribbon on YMCA water park

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ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - Summer and fun might include a trip to a water park. The City of Orangeburg cut the dedication ribbon on one of the only fully-featured water parks in the Midlands on Monday.

Spell the words "South Carolina" and "summer," and you may come up with fun in the water. But if you're in search of a water park and can't get into the one at Fort Jackson, Charleston used to have the nearest to the Midlands.

"Orangeburg County has never had something this nice and we thought it would be a good thing to have for the citizens," said Harold Young.

So the county built a $9 million water park along with some extra non-water features, then turned it over to the YMCA to run. "I've been with the Y for eleven years and I've never seen any one like this," said Frank Dickson.

Interconnecting pools, slides to thrill, and a slide into a saucer that spins you around until you drop out the bottom. Over half a dozen rides to flip, spin and keep you wet throughout the day, and all for eight bucks!

"While it's by definition one of the best water parks in the Midlands, it's also a YMCA. So what's inside?

"We got a gymnasium, two basketball courts, Olympic size pool," said Dickson. "We have $187,000 worth of equipment, 15 bikes in the spinning room, we have tread mills, elliptical, free weights, machines," all for an extra four dollars.

You're probably already thinking about a visit this weekend, but before you pump up your water-wings, you'll have to wait another week until the aquatic center opens memorial day weekend.

After that, you can enjoy the rest of the summer on the slides, wet and cool.

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