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Camden residents organize to "Save Boogertown"

By Jillian Capobianco - bio | email

CAMDEN, SC (WIS) - Members of a historic Camden neighborhood are protesting a developer's plan to build a thoroughfare in the area.

All jokes aside, the neighborhood is affectionately known as "Boogertown" by its citizens. The neighborhood got the name from a builder back in the 1930's.

"It's an old, historic neighborhood and it's the prettiest neighborhood in Kershaw County," said resident Buster Beckham.

Beckham has lived in Boogertown for 30 years. He's afraid his quiet neighborhood could get a lot busier, very soon with the thoroughfare plan, which involves tearing down the old Camden Middle School to build a new neighborhood. The thoroughfare would connect the two neighborhoods.

"We become a traffic dump just because they developers say this is the easiest, economical way to do this," said Beckham.

The people of Boogertown argue that this road would that would become the thoroughfare is less than 16 feet wide and in a historic neighborhood with no sidewalks, that becomes a safety issue.

Camden Mayor Jeffrey Graham disagrees.

"The tighter the street, the slower the traffic," said Graham.

The planning commission of Camden has already approved the development plans. Graham says the most important thing is that the abandoned middle school doesn't continue to sit  abandoned.

"We would like to see the 10 acres be redeveloped and started generating revenue for the taxpayers," said Graham.

But the people of Boogertown say they're not going down without a fight.

"It might be a done deal, but they're going to know we protested and tried to do it in a civilized way," said resident Penny Pullam.

The mayor is meeting with the people of Boogertown Monday. He says he will listen to the neighbors concerns about the plan, but unless the developer's back out of buying the property, the thoroughfare will be built.

The people of Boogertown say they have started a petition. They are also in the process of printing bumper stickers that say "Maintain Boogertown."

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