Columbia native, 'Sex and the City' star returns to help theater - - Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia native, 'Sex and the City' star returns to help theater

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A Columbia native with fame on her side took on the cause of community theater.

Kristin Davis is one of four stars of Sex and the City, both the TV show and the movie.

Monday she was in the capital city at a fundraiser for Workshop Theater, a place she says adds a lot to Columbia's character.

"I think it adds so much to Columbia and it's part of what's great about Columbia because Columbia's not huge. But it has SO much to give and I think that the people who live here love that and that's what's great about Workshop and the other theaters we have and the University and the culture," she said.

At Monday's fundraiser Davis said she got her acting start at Workshop.

Her first role was in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves when she was 10 years old. But she didn't always land the lead role.

"At one point I was the gawky middle teenager and I had braces and I couldn't get cast in anything so I did props and I was just so happy to be part of that thrill. At 8:00 the curtain comes up and you did your part for that show you hear that applause, you're part of that applause," she says.

She says Workshop is still in the same building she grew up acting in, and it's time for a new home.

The theater hopes to be able to move soon.

We also talked to Davis about the new Sex and the City movie and she told us about a blind date she walked out on.

You can hear those clips by watching the full interview to the right of this story.

Posted by Logan Smith

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