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Road rage may have triggered I-20 shooting; jury to decide

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RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Opening statements are complete in the trial for what investigators call a deadly case of road rage.

The trial got underway in Richland County Tuesday.

Investigators say John Joseph Moore shot a young mother as she drove down Interstate 20 in 2004.

"It's just terrible. It's a mother's nightmare. It really is. I loved her so much. She didn't deserve this." Those words were from a tearful Marilyn Dover in 2004. She had just lost her daughter, Stephanie, a young mother of two boys.

Dover remembered her 20-year-old daughter as a "beautiful girl, just happy all the time."

Investigators say Stephanie was in a car with her fiance and two children traveling home on Interstate 20 when a vehicle heading in the same direction opened fire.

Dover says, "They were coming down the interstate and they attempted to pass them. A person passed them and, I don't know for sure, but they just started shooting at them, and they shot the car up and hit Stephanie in the head."

Stephanie died. Her three-year-old son Zach got hit in the leg. For a year, Stephanie's fiance said Zach relived the horror. "He'd wake up in the middle of the night," and wondered who killed his mom.

Investigators had few leads until 2005, when a tip led them to John Joseph Moore, 21. Moore told officers he'd seen an obscene gesture from someone in Stephanie's car. Investigators think Moore shot in a case of random road rage.

Stephanie's fiance says, "We sat Zach down and explained to him, 'You remember the bad guy who shot your mama and shot you?' He said, 'Yeah.' 'Well, the police arrested the bad man and you don't have to worry about the bad man ever hurting you again.'"

The family had a glimmer of hope. Dover says, "I didn't think they'd ever find him. I thought it would be one of those cases on TV, maybe 20, 30 years or maybe even never."

Now, they want justice.

A jury was seated in the case Monday. Testimony began at 9:30 Tuesday morning.

Reported by Jennifer Wilson

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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