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Chapin man's dog painted orange after USC-Clemson game

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CHAPIN, SC (WIS) - One Chapin man says the big Carolina-Clemson rivalry was taken a little too far Saturday night when he woke up to find his dog spray-painted orange.

Mikey's owner, Bobby Brooks, says, "I noticed Mikey had something all over him. I thought he had rolled in something so I was complaining about, 'What you got into?'"

But this time Mikey wasn't to blame. Brooks says he "got closer to him and noticed that it was something painted on him."

It was "bright" and it was "orange" and pretty soon Bobby Brooks would notice something else - bright orange Tiger paws, up and down his road. He and his neighbors found the paw prints on both Old Ferry Road and Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin.

At that point he said he realized Mikey was the subject of a little hazing. "Kind of put two and two together and figured whoever painted the tiger paws, actually painted Mikey also."

Right now the paws are the only clues Bobby and Mikey have to go on - clues that could possibly lead to the culprit. Brooks says, "Eventually it's go come out. In a small community like chapin, it's go come out. Somebody's go talk about what they did and putting Tiger paws down, so it eventually will come out."

Bobby thinks it's all a bad prank, sparked by the Carolina-Clemson rivalry. But he and Mikey don't pull for either team. "I don't think it was vindictive towards my dog or isolated towards me. I think it was spur of the moment spraying the paws and my dog at the same time."

Bobby says little by little he'll be able to brush the paint off - but there won't be true closure until he knows who did it. "They just need to come to me and buck up and say I apologize for doing this to your dog."

Brooks isn't the only one who is upset.

Shortly after we first reported the story, a Clemson fan wrote us saying, "On behalf of Clemson fans everywhere I want to apologize to the gentleman whose dog was so inappropriately spray painted orange. I am as outraged as he is, and I am sure Clemson fans everywhere are also." 

Reported by Trey Paul

Posted by Logan Smith

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