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Bond denied for man accused of shooting Richland Co. deputy

(Richland County) November 23, 2006 - A judge denied bond Wednesday for the man officers say shot a Richland County deputy. In court Wednesday, the deputy's family had some strong words for the accused.

Frances Payne came face to face with the man accused of trying to gun down her son, "You are either a decent human being and you abide by all laws of this land or you are a piece of trash like this man here."

Investigators say Richland County deputy Larry Payne found Mark Browning running a meth lab in Blythewood Sunday. When Payne tried to arrest him, they say Browning shot him.

That shooting put Payne in the hospital with a broken collarbone, punctured lung and injured leg.

Payne's father, Larry, is upset about the shooting, "There was no reason for it. My son was out there doing his job."

The deputy's sister, Melissa, was also in the courtroom, "If he shot a police officer, he has no value for anyone's life - no one's."

Investigators say Browning hid in the woods for two days after the shooting. Deputies arrested him Tuesday.

State constable Mark Gill says he saw Browning shoot Payne, "I'm glad justice is served and he's in there."

Browning is charged with manufacturing meth, resisting arrest with a deadly weapon and assault and battery with intent to kill. He does not have a lawyer yet. He will get a public defender.

Meantime, the judge denied bond. And the deputy's father is fully behind that decision, "My son is my life. He almost took my son's life. I want him put away. The judge did the right thing; I applaud what she's done today."

Corporal Larry Payne has been released from the hospital. Lt. Chris Cowan says that Payne is planning on heading back to work next week. 

Reported by Jennifer Wilson

Updated 3:28pm by Chantelle Janelle

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