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Complaints of rape, neglect raise questions about Peachtree Manor

(Winnsboro) October 31, 2006 - News 10 has learned there have been several complaints against Peachtree Manor. One was an accusation of rape, another claiming residents weren't being fed and didn't have toilet supplies. News 10's Dan Tordjman has uncovered documents outlining those complaints and others.

Tuesday, a former Peachtree Manor employee told us about things that went down at the home.

"Sometimes, they don't have food to it." That's resident life at Peachtree Manor according to Holly Bowman. She says she worked at the assisted living center for two-weeks, and for Bowman, that was more than enough, "The residents run out of things like toilet paper, washing powders, cleaning supplies. Why is that?"

Bowman also wondered why she saw patients having sex with each other.

As WIS found out, one former Peachtree resident was recently accused of raping another resident.

That didn't surprise Bowman, "No, no. I had walked in on that client before. So , no. They told me it wasn't my place to say anything." 

Dan was not able to talk to the owner of Peachtree Manor about the accusations. He says his lawyer had advised him not to talk to the media.

But agencies like DHEC want answers as well. It's launched an investigation into Sunday's death of a patient.

WIS has also obtained a seven-page document, detailing state enforcement action against Peachtree in July. It includes citations resulting in a $20,000 fine for various violations - ranging from untrained staff to issuing bad payroll checks.

One store-owner stopped cashing checks from Peachtree after he says so many bounced. It cost him nearly $7,000. Bowman believes it. After all, she says her first and only paycheck bounced too.

Peachtree Manor has only been open since February.

News 10 has learned another residential care facility under separate ownership used to be located at the same site. It was shut down several years ago after two residents drank anti-freeze and died.

Reported by Dan Tordjman

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