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Lexington authorities say two more prostitution parlors shut down

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(Lexington) February 15, 2006 - Lexington County sheriff's deputies say they busted two more massage parlors for prostitution. The deputies arrested four women they say are prostitutes, and a manager.

One business, named "Atlantis," is just off St. Andrews Road. The other is "LMR" and that's located off Bush River Road.

Atlantis advertises as a place for relaxation, stress relief and aromatherapy. Sheriff James Metts calls it something else, "This is a house of prostitution, so I'm going to close it by order of Lexington County."

James Metts says people complaining about traffic in and out led them there. Deputies found two women inside, and arrested them for prostitution. The Sheriff tells what happened, "One of them said, 'All I'm doing is aromatherapy,' and I said, 'Who are you trying to kid?' I said, 'You're doing more than that.' She said, 'Yes, we're doing prostitution. We're doing adult entertainment.'"

Metts says officers also saw a price list, "$170 a half hour, $280 for an hour. That's pretty high for just a massage."

Investigators say they found the two women undressed with a male customer, also undressed. But they did not arrest him.

Major John Allard says they had no proof he was actually contracting for sex. The man told them he went there for a massage, and says he told the women he wasn't interested in sex.

Major Allard told WIS "being naked inside a business is not a crime."

Meantime, deputies made more arrests at LMR, in a strip of stores on Bush River Road. They say two women there also admitted to prostitution.

Officers said they had crack cocaine, too, and think the places are related.

Sheriff Metts says, "They run a circuit. They run girls in and out of different locations at different times, from here to Georgia to North Carolina."

But Metts wants to stop it, "I'm going to run all of them out of Lexington County, all of them out of business."

A month ago, Lexington deputies shut down another massage business called "Brook's Haven" on Darby Ambrose Road. Deputies say it was also a cover up for prostitution.

According to the sheriff's department, more than 50 women were employed at the business, with customers coming from a number of states, some as far away as Texas.

Reported by Jennifer Miskewicz

Updated 9:15pm by Bryce Mursch

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