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Unexpected turn in domestic violence case involving Will Folks

Will Folks Will Folks
(Columbia) August 29, 2005 - An unexpected turn Monday in the criminal domestic violence case involving the former press secretary for Governor Sanford.

In early August, Will Folks told News 10 that he planned to plead guilty to charges of criminal domestic violence against his fiance, but that didn't happen in court.

Investigators have charged Folks with pushing his former fiancee into furniture after an argument. Folks now has a new attorney, and Monday, Debbie Chapman asked for a continuance in the case, claiming she needs to see more documents before the case moves forward.

The city attorney asked the judge to move as quickly as possible in the case.

Christa Bell, "My only concern is we do have a victim, she wants to get this behind her. So I would like to be ready to go on the next term."

Chapman told News 10 that the delay in the case doesn't necessarily mean Folks will not plead guilty.

The attorney of Folks' former fiancee issued a statement Monday, "Like all men charged with beating up women, Folks will come to a day of accountability. When that day arrives, the victim will testify truthfully and fully about the matter. She does not intend to try the case in the media."

Folks is scheduled to appear in court again at the end of September.

Reported by Kara Gormley

Posted 12:09pm by Bryce Mursch

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