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Our Reputation
Midland Mortgage helped thousands of families secure millions of dollars in home loans. Experience the difference personal service, competitive pricing and local ownership make. Let Midland Mortgage make it happen for you.

1st time homebuyer - Several programs with downpayment assistance

One time close - Construction permanent financing in one loan

One close - loan based on completed repairs. Payment made to builder as repairs are completed

100% financing - 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed and 3/1 ARM

100% Conventional
30 year fixed, 1 month to 10 year fixed period ARMS

Interest Only
Interest only payment option for 1st 10 years, remainder of loan term fully amortizing

No Income Verification
Reduced documentation with competative rates

95% No MI
1st Mortgage Home Equity Line of Credit - Based on Prime Rate

Rural Housing
100% financing for qualified property - 30 year fixed or 2/1 Buydown

State Housing Loans
Downpayment assistance and below market rates for qualified borrowers

80/20 Combo
80% first - 20 % 2nd - 100% financing with no MI

Rate and term to 95% LTV or cash out to 90% LTV

Jumbo/Super Jumbo
Loan amount exceeding $417,000

Credit Rewards
Outstanding credit & good equity may result in appraisal only documentation

Adjustable rate mortgages. Fixed for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 years

Lending Specialists
Over 250 years combined experience!
At its heart Midland Mortgage is people, people who want to help you get
the loan you need. Find out more about us by clicking on one of the
names you see below.

Donna Nix
Donna Nix



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