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About David Paul Builders
We have been providing homes for families since 1995 when we first started our business. Our work has offered many valuable experience and lessons. We currently operate a small residential and commercial building company located at 5175 Sunset Blvd. Suite 3 at Hope Ferry Center in Lexington, South Carolina. We believe being a small family oriented business affords us the ability to give our personal care and attention to customers.

Quick Start Simulator
David Paul Builders provides you with a new and innovative approach to building your dream home. The Quick Start program allows you to customize, design, and build your perfect home. Click here to learn more or contact us to setup an appointment.
Meet With Us

Dina Fautley

Get Ready to be Impressed: Value. Warmth. Trust. At David Paul Builders, the owners want you to relax! Perhaps not what you would associate with every homebuilder, David Paul Builders delivers a personal touch to ensure a great building experience for our clients. We believe you should receive a great value at what ever style of home or method of building you choose. Our philosophy works to ensure strong communication and understanding so that we can be sure to incorporate all of your desires, dreams and needs to fit your individual family’s lifestyle. Take a look at the craftsmanship and beauty within. Perhaps Operating Officer, Dina Fautley summarizes the philosophy best, “It is important to me that I honor my commitments in planning and building of our customer’s home down to the last detail.”
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