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Terminix Service, Inc. (TSI), a pest management company with more than 65 years of service in SC, western NC and the CSRA area of eastern Georgia, has unveiled a new online tool to help consumers keep track of mosquito activity where they live, and it’s brought to you exclusively in Columbia on WIS-TV. The Mosquito Forecast — a scientifically-based projection forecast—will track potential mosquito activity by zip code throughout TSI’s service area.

Moisture is key to the lifecycle of mosquitoes, with higher moisture levels providing a better environment for breeding and maturation. This can happen in as little as a quarter ounce of standing water in a leaf on the ground. TSI’S Mosquito Forecast is based on a prediction of air and ground moisture levels that account for daily mean temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and solar radiation.

The levels that Terminix will report are similar to that of a weather forecast and are based on the likelihood of encountering mosquitoes on a given day:

  • Low – conditions are dry with very little mosquito activity expected.
  • Moderate – increasingly moist conditions make mosquito activity very likely.
  • High – extended moist conditions, mosquitoes present throughout area.
  • Very High – above-average moisture conditions persist, heavy mosquito presence throughout area.
  • Extreme - mosquitoes are present in very high numbers, with feeding activity extremely likely throughout the area.
  • The science behind TSI’s Mosquito Forecast is derived from in-depth studies conducted by Cornell University’s Entomology Department and the Northeast Regional Climate Center.

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