Hurricane Week - - Columbia, South Carolina

Submit your hurricane tales

We all have an unforgettable moment during a hurricane or tropical storm. That's why we want to hear from you! More>>

WIS reaches into the archives to remember Hugo


While Hurricane Hugo made his presence known in the Charleston area of the Palmetto State, the storm still had enough steam to make his mark in the Midlands. More>>

"Hugo baby" glad he's not named after legendary storm


As we commemorate Hurricane Hugo's 20th anniversary, we wanted to introduce you to a special story. It seems in all the chaos of the storm, a child was brought into this world. More>>

2004 ARCHIVE: What are your memories of Hurricane Hugo?

In time for the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo, we asked WIS News 10 viewers in 2004 what they remembered about the 1989 storm that still has folks talking.  More>>

20 years since Hurricane Hugo made landfall


It's the 20th anniversary of the worst natural disaster in modern times in South Carolina. Hurricane Hugo, a Category 4 storm, smashed ashore at Charleston with its 135 mph winds 20 years ago on Monday.

Charleston remembers Hurricane Hugo 20 years later


Twenty years ago on Sept 21, 1989, Hurricane Hugo's winds blew their way into the history books of South Carolinians as the category 4 storm made landfall in Charleston. More>>

Former Folly Beach mayor recalls heartbreak, devastation of Hugo


More than 20 years after Hurricane Hugo struck the Charleston area, the former mayor of Folly Beach is taking a look back on the storm that changed his city forever. More>>

2004 ARCHIVE: What are your thoughts on Hurricane Frances?

In 2004, we asked you what you thought of Hurricane Frances. By the time it hit the Carolinas, it was a soaking tropical storm that flooded parts of the state.  More>>

Katrina evacuee finds new home in South Carolina


You've likely heard the eerie coincidence by now that Wednesday is the 7 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. More>>

South Carolina sends volunteers, supplies to help in Katrina disaster relief

While people along the Gulf Coast are fleeing from Hurricane Katrina, disaster relief from South Carolina is headed right into the eye of the storm. More>>

Lexington man receives word from family following Katrina

One Lexington man is one of the lucky ones who has been able to contact his family following Katrina. More>>

South Carolinians prepare for those evacuated from Hurricane Katrina

South Carolina is getting ready for potentially thousands of evacuees from the Gulf Coast. When they arrive, city and state leaders want to make sure they feel at home. More>>

Midlands welcomes child born to Katrina evacuees

William Young V is a new South Carolinian, whose parents, like many recent evacuees, are happy to be in the Midlands after running from Katrina. More>>

2005 ARCHIVE: What is your reaction to Hurricane Katrina?

Just days after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast of the United States, we asked WIS viewers what they thought about the storm and the response to it.  More>>

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