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BLOG: "It's Chicken Day"

Walking from Oliver GM on Taylor to Washington St. UMC for lunch at the soup kitchen. I check out the sheet of paper given to me by shelter workers and realize I'm showing up for lunch at the end of the time window. More>>

BLOG: Wear Your Walkin' Shoes

After lunch I take some time to write and video blog. I wonder how you get from point A to point B with no car, no money. Probably a typical dumb thought for someone who drives everywhere everyday... More>>

BLOG: Chow Time: "Pat's Are Gonna Win!"


The line for dinner starts to form at 4:15 outside Oliver Gospel Mission. Maybe you've seen it from your car as your stopped at the light at Taylor and Assembly? More>>

BLOG: "Smoke Before You Blow"

If you're homeless, chances are you're a smoker. I write that not to judge or to preach the health risks. I write that because it's been part of this experience. The men trade cigarettes, sell cigarettes, smoke 'em while waiting for dinner and evening chapel... More>>

BLOG: "Pray For Those Who Do You Wrong. They Know Not What They Do."

You wanna eat? You must pray. Attending evening chapel gets you a bed for the night and two meal tickets for the next day... More>>

BLOG: Homeless. Not Hopeless.

As close as I am to this story with living the life of an OGM resident, I could never have a truly authentic experience... More>>

BLOG: Where Is It?

Being on the streets this early in the morning with no job, no money and no home, I can't help but wonder where is this job skills training plan promised to be "rolled out" by the end of January in the State of the State address? More>>

BLOG: My Lunch Date With A Convicted Sex Offender

I sat down with my turkey/egg salad sandwich and cup of "everything but the kitchen sink" soup. I was at Washington Street Methodist's Soup Cellar. They serve lunch to the homeless and anyone else that shows up from 10:45am-noon. More>>

BLOG: The Wink That Lights Up Lew's Face

Lew wants to cut meat. Preferably behind the butcher counter at any given super market. Problem is no one's hiring. At least right now... More>>

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