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Every 3.5 minutes, an American is diagnosed with colon cancer. Every 10 minutes, someone dies. Last year, more than 750 South Carolinians died of colorectal cancer. This is all the
more tragic when you realize that colorectal cancer is 95% preventable.

Revolutionary Quality

The SC Medical Endoscopy Center is dedicated to the highest ideals of providing excellent screening and early detection of this preventable cancer through the pioneering concept of Primary Care Endoscopy.

Our well-appointed facility is fully licensed and accredited by the AAAHC, in recognition of
our high quality of care and full compliance with the standards for superior ambulatory health care organizations. Our facility has been documented to far exceed all national standards
of quality care with 3 times the polyp discovery rate as the national average. Since 1991,
we have performed over 25,000 colonoscopies, and have NEVER had a patient die of colon cancer after receiving a clean bill of health from SCMEC.

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine reported that polyp detection rates at other facilities could vary as much as 10-fold from one physician to another even within the same practice. Quality matters—and SCMEC provides the highest quality care in all of S.C.
If you only need to have this test performed once every 10 years, then give yourself peace
of mind by having your colonoscopy performed by experts with the highest quality standards for polyp detection and safety.

Dr. Lloyd

Stephen Lloyd, MD, PhD is a board certified internist who has practiced in the Midlands for nearly 30 years.
He serves on the Governor’s Advisory Council on
Aging, and is a past board member of Communicare.
He is also on the Strategic Planning Committee of the South Carolina Cancer Alliance.

He has presented this innovative model in numerous national and international forums. The ground-breaking work at SCMEC has also been featured in the American Cancer Society’s journal CANCER, in the Journal of the S.C. Medical Association, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. His work has also resulted in $2.5 million in federal grants to expand the program pioneered at SCMEC.

Dr. Lloyd has trained over 100 physicians the life saving skills of colonoscopy at the South Carolina Medical Endoscopy Center. He is passionate about preventing colorectal cancer and often speaks to churches, community organizations, and other concerned groups about the need for patients to be proactive about undergoing this relatively simple, but crucially effective, test.

SC Medical Endoscopy Center

Dr. Stephen Lloyd
1735 Taylor Street
Columbia, SC 29202
The highest quality standards for colonoscopy care in S.C.
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