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Why does SCE&G promote energy efficiency?

SCE&G’s EnergyWise program gives you the tools and resources you need to save more energy at home. But, you might ask, why do we encourage people to use less energy?

It’s a reasonable question with a simple answer. Customers who understand their energy use are empowered to make wise decisions. Every kilowatt and therm of electricity and natural gas you save gives you more control over your energy bill. Taking part in our energy efficiency programs can not only reduce your energy use, but also cut your costs on efficiency improvements.

Start learning more about how you use energy with our energy analyzer. Energy Analyzer allows you to review your average usage, typical energy costs and factors that may affect your bill. This is just one example of the online tools, tips and how tos, as well as in-home services and energy efficiency rebates and incentives available to you through EnergyWise.

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Energy efficiency also is one of the most sustainable and environmentally conscious resources available. SCE&G is committed to taking innovative approaches to meet South Carolina’s growing demand for electricity.

As a partner in Palmetto Clean Energy PaCE, we support the development of renewable energy sources such as hyrdo, wind, biomass and solar energy.

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