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Mother speaks about dog attack victim's injuries

LEE COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Amber Hornsby has been in the hospital for the past week recovering from a brutal dog attack.

Her mother, Mary Ann Hornsby, says, "She was spared, it could've been worse. That's where I'm thankful - uplifting that I still have her."

Staying positive is all this mother can do with her 11-year-old daughter in the hospital. 

"She's got three holes in her legs, and her back," says Mary Ann. "I see the look on her face. She even told me, I hate them dogs."

The four dogs - all pit-bull mixes - were euthanized.

Amber was left with constant fever, shooting pain and traces of a flesh-eating disease that have her in and out of a hyperbaric chamber. Mary Ann says there's been "a lot of pain, morphine drip. She took it 800 times in one day."

But in all the days since the attack - no one had been held responsible for the dogs until now.

Amber's neighbors , 49-year-old Mitchell Joyner Senior and his son, 19-year-old Mitchell Joyner Junior, are both charged with possessing dangerous animals running at large.

Outside Joyner's house it was quiet Tuesday, but the last time WIS News 10 was there, we could hear dogs barking. But Joyner Senior told authorities and WIS News 10's Dan Tordjman those dogs didn't belong to him.

Sheriff Ej Melvin says, "But the dogs was on his property. Like I say, he kept them for about a year. I'd say the dogs belong to you."

Authorities say the Joyners took care of the dogs - feeding them but leaving them unchained even after the dogs attacked and killed the Hornsby's Chihuahua three months ago.

Mary Ann Hornsby is angry at the breed, "With these bulldogs, pit bulls, boxer-bulls - I think they need to be outlawed, made illegal, banned."

But interestingly, she tells us Amber still wants to do the same thing when she grows up - be a veterinarian.

If you want to help Amber, donations can be made to any First Citizens Bank.

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