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Former Keenan High basketball coach pleads guilty

Zachary Norris Zachary Norris

(Columbia) September 12, 2006 - Former Keenan High School basketball coach Zachary Norris was arrested early by the Newberry Police Department more than two weeks ago. He is still employed by Richland One, but no longer coaching or teaching at Keenan.

Officials say Norris was charged with public intoxication and possession of a concealed weapon, and he has pled guilty. 

According to an incident report, Norris was at the house of his ex-girlfriend in Newberry Friday night around 10:15pm. There was a domestic dispute between the two in which Norris "grabbed her by the neck forcing her down on the couch." This resulted in a "three-inch scratch across her throat."

After the ex-girlfriend left the house, the police were called in by friends. Officers responded to the house but did not locate Norris there.  He was later spotted (around 1:45 Saturday morning) "staggering as he was walking" down a nearby street. 

Officers approached him and noticed a strong odor of alcohol and saw that he was carrying a purple Crown Royal bag with his hand in it. The officer asked him what it was and Norris replied it was a gun. 

The officer then knocked the bag out of his hand and to the ground. 

Inside the bag was a Hi-Point 380 ACP and a clip with seven rounds in it.

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