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NAACP lawyer to get involved in Duke lacrosse investigation

(Durham-AP) April 6, 2006 - A lawyer for the state NAACP says he may meet with the Durham prosecutor as early as Friday to discuss the Duke University lacrosse case.

Lawyer Al McSurely says Durham D.A. Mike Nifong tells him they could meet to discuss allegations of a brutal rape as early as Friday.

NAACP leaders and local black ministers said today they will play a watchdog role to ensure the case is handled without favor to the money and power perceived to be behind the athletes unders suspicion at the elite university.

No one has been charged in the case sparked by an alleged rape during an off-campus party March 13th. Police were scheduled to brief city leaders on the investigation.

An exotic dancer, who is black, told police she was raped by three white men at the party attended by Duke lacrosse players.

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