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Midlands doctors: Don't overreact to swine flu fears

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Because of the fear of swine flu, doctors' offices in the Midlands have seen an increase in patients wanting to get tested.
However, doctors are encouraging the public to not overreact.

"We're seeing more patients coming in inquiring about the swine flu," says Dr. Todd Crump.

Dr. Crump says 15 people waited in Lexington Medical Center Tuesday solely because they feared they had swine flu.

"Either they had a neighbor who had been in California in the last week or they knew somebody who was in Mexico. And so all of a sudden they're concerned," Dr. Crump says.

Sure, you can never be too careful, but in this case the resources for testing and treating the swine flu are limited. Dr. Helmet Albrecht of USC says getting tested for the sake of getting tested could drain medical resources.

"The CDC is going to back up very quickly if we test everybody in this state," says Dr. Albrecht.

Albrecht says patients he's been seeing do not have flu symptoms at all.

"All these people should stay home," Dr. Albrecht says. "The folks I want to see are the folks that can't breathe, the folks that turn purple or blue."

Doctors say if you do have the flu, it's not hard to tell.

"It's a rapid onset, I was fine at 9:00, 9:30 I thought a truck hit me," says Dr. Albrecht.

"One hour they're feeling fine, the next minute they're shaking all over, they've got a high grade fever, headache, body aches," says Dr. Crump.

"And don't call me if you're better already, no we don't want to test you anymore, because you're better. And your test is going to be negative and we don't want to use one of our tests to test you," says Dr. Albrecht.

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Logan Smith

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