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Mother pleads for kidnapped son's return

CORDOVA, SC (WIS) - The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department is asking for help finding a possible kidnapping victim.

"Shane was a nice guy, outspoken and everything," says Mary Govan.
That's how Mary describes her son Shane, who has been missing since Monday night.

"He just got in an argument with someone and they just took him," she says.

A house on citron drive near Cordova is the last place anyone saw Shane Govan. According to police reports he was there visiting friends, when a gray Toyota pickup began circling the neighborhood.  

Then the report says witnesses heard two men arguing with one shouting, "I should kill you."
The witnesses then reported hearing several gunshots.

"It was reported to us that a Mr. Shane Govan was kidnapped, and right now we're conducting an investigation to find out by whom and most importantly his whereabouts," says Major Clark Whetstone of the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office.

Police say witnesses recovered Govan's cell phone and his cigarette lighter. Other than that, they have little to go on.
Police are treating this case as a kidnapping.

"This is a very rare incident. I can't recall us taking a kidnapping report," says Whetstone.

Mary Govan says her son is a good father to his two young sons. He was also engaged to be married.

So far, the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office has few leads and no suspects. Mary Govan also has an appeal for anyone with information.

"If anybody out there knows anything, please call the sheriff's office. You see what I'm going through, please bring my baby back home," she says.

Reported by Drew Stewart

Updated by Bryce Mursch

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