Mother leads caravan through Midlands to catch daughter's killer - - Columbia, South Carolina

Mother leads caravan through Midlands to catch daughter's killer

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A mother on a mission is traveling through the Midlands to catch her daughter's killer.

In 2004, Maggie Zingman's daughter Brittany Phillips was raped and murdered in Oklahoma.

Now Zingman travels the country in an SUV that's covered with pictures of her daughter and details about her rape.

Zingman calls this her caravan "To Catch a Killer."

Although the mother hopes it will to generate tips about her daughter's death, her primary focus has moved towards educating communities about rape laws and the DNA database problems.

Zingman says it takes years for an inmate's DNA to be entered into the national database.

"We're just hitting the fourth anniversary right now and that means we can only hope that we'll get a hit on our DNA, cause we have it from the person actually from two sources of him but to have to wait four years from two sources to get something and then the man may have already gone into prison and gotten out, which will make it really hard to catch our killer," says Maggie Zingman.

If you want to help this mother's cause, go to, www.myspace/therapoet, or e-mail

Posted by Logan Smith

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