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WIS goes in search of the Lizard Man

LEE COUNTY, SC (WIS) - For the past few months we've been talking about a Midlands monster -- the one, the only, the Lizard Man.

WIS News 10 joined the search for the Lee County legend, and what we found may surprise you -- or may not.  

They've come looking for a legend.

"We just hope to find proof that it exists," says Rick Heflin.

On a windy day in lee county, the search is on for the Lizard Man.

"We'd like to find tracks, the best case would be to get some photographs," Heflin told WIS News 10.

They're here, to catch a glimpse of a mythical green giant. The Foundation for Paranormal Research specializes in UFO's, monsters and ghosts.

WIS went along for the hunt, trying to once and for all solve the Lizard Man mystery.
"It gives you a very uneasy feeling," says Sandra Tipton.

Most recently, some neighbors believe Lizard Man attacked a van, chewing up metal and leaving behind blood.

It appears whatever attacked was hungry for cats underneath the hood. The cats haven't been seen since.

"If it dug into here and tried to raise it up like that, jagged edges there, cut the gums and yeah, you're going to get blood," says Rick Heflin.

FPR packs protection, then heads to nearby Scape Ore Swamp. It was here in 1988 that the legend of Lizard Man began.

"This is supposedly where the sightings were, these four places," says Ken Sumner.

The first ever Lizard Man sighting was on the bride overhead. When an area teenager blew a tire, he said he got out and heard a noise.

When he turned around, the teen said he saw it -- a seven-foot monster with green scaly skin, red eyes, three fingers and three toes.

"He had crossed the bridge heading in this direction, when the initial flat happened," says Heflin.

FPR takes photos, then a peak under the bridge into Scape Ore Swamp.

"Was looking for any indication something had come across here," says Sumner, "but there's not a lot."

There are no unusual footprints near the swamp, so FPR looks for other clues and finds one on a tree.

"Actually saw what looked like claw marks. Never saw anything like that before," says Bev Greenfield.

The most ominous find in the grass on the edge of the road? "I got a skull or something," says Dixie Rawson, owner of the van that was chewed.

"I don't think this is what ate the car up though," she said.

But before we could search the land surrounding the swamp, a white truck pulls up with bad news.

"He basically kicked us off, so we do not have permission to leave the right away," says Heflin. "It limits our mobility, we'll have to depend on nightvision."
Before sunset, neighbors come up and share their Lizard Man stories. One man tells us Lizard Man was nothing more than an elaborate costume.
He says an area farmer used it to scare off kids who'd been stealing from his butterbean shed.
"Next thing you know, you've got Lizard Man jumping I-20 with a cow underneath his arm," said the man.

But after hours of waiting, searching and hoping for answers, FPR calls it a day.

"Logic would say, you know, it's just a myth," says Sandra Tipton.

"The search will continue. No doubt people will continue to be interested," says Greenfield.

So although FPR found little evidence to suggest Lizard Man actually exists, the giant green monster seems destined to survive the test of time -- the ultimate test of a legend.

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Reported by Dan Tordjman

Posted by Logan Smith

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