Stores sell beer, wine for the first time on Sundays - - Columbia, South Carolina

Stores sell beer, wine for the first time on Sundays

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - For the first time in Columbia, stores were able to sell beer and wine on Sundays. Some people didn't waste anytime getting in line to buy.

"You might want to sit back, watch a game or something and drink a nice cold one. Sales will be picking up," said Dennis Best.

Best and hundreds of others flocked out for the first time and bought beer and wine on Sunday in the city limits of Columbia.

Piggly Wiggly had a sign advertising the change, and says the buzz created by the new beer and wine policy has people eager to be the first to buy.

"Our first customer at about 7:15 this morning. We have had 200-300 that have made alcohol purchases and it could have been more than that," said Hugh McColl.

Some shoppers think the new sale is just another jab at dismissing South Carolina blue laws. They make it illegal for South Carolinians to buy anything that's not a necessity before 1pm on Sundays.

And people have different opinions as to whether or not the blue laws should still be enforced.

"I think the blue laws are so antiquated and outdated that they should have been abolished a long time ago," says Za Zambeasy.

"I still say we give the Christians respect that's in church so. Buying after 1:30 is not bad. Just being able to buy on Sunday is enough," Charles Hills told WIS News 10.

Whether or not blue laws are going to ease now that you can buy beer or wine on Sundays is still to be determined. These customers are just going to enjoy the fact they no longer have to wait until Monday to buy beer.

"It's cheaper, save money. Don't have to go out and buy it illegally anymore," said Alnzaddy Smith.

Reported by Stewart Moore

Posted by Logan Smith

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