USC basketball players rearrested on more charges, post bail again - - Columbia, South Carolina

USC basketball players rearrested on more charges, post bail again

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Within days of being charged with multiple felonies, two Gamecock basketball players are not just off the team. They're off campus.

Ashlie Billingslea and Jasmine Payne are accused of selling pot, credit card theft and fraud.

Both suspects were rearrested Thursday night on charges of petit larceny, financial transaction card theft and fraud. They posted bond -- again -- Thursday night, and were rereleased.

It's not the way most students end their time at USC -- clothes stuffed into the back of a car, under police supervision, with mug shots splattered all over TV and the Internet.

But this is how Ashlie Billingslea and Jasmine Payne made their exit.

The two Gamecock basketball players were jailed and then kicked off campus, facing multiple criminal charges including drug distribution, credit card theft and fraud.

USC moved quickly to suspend the players.

"I can't speak for the team but it's not unusual at for a situation like this on our campus that we're involved in, that the students are summarily suspended you know, within 24 hours," says USC spokesman Russ McKinney.

The freshman guards are also off the team, both tied to the theft of credit and debit cards and cash from the Blatt PE Center in February and March.

Police say they have surveillance video of a suspect wearing clothes like those found in the players' dorm room. In that room, police also found 44 bags of marijuana.

Warrants say Payne got the pot and gave it to Billingslea.

Billingslea and Payne are just the latest in a series of USC athletes who've gotten into legal trouble over the past few years. Some have managed to stay on campus. It depends, the university says, on the nature of the charges in each case.

Last year school officials moved swiftly to remove two freshman baseball players accused of taking a TV from the Roost, with one also charged with stealing computers and several thousand dollars from the coaches office.

A similar response came in 2005 when police arrested football star Moe Thompson for the nighttime theft of electronic gear from the room of two female students.

"Every case is unique but one thing is certain. If there are charges involved with possession with intent to distribute drugs on this campus, that's something we take very seriously and we will not tolerate it," says McKinney.
The charges against both women continued to stack up Thursday. Billingslea is now facing a total of eight counts, and the number of charges against Payne are now up to eleven.
Some of those are felonies. 

Reported by Jack Kuenzie

Posted by Logan Smith

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