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Newberry house fire thwarted by a cat

NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - In Newberry County one woman is thankful her cat would not let her go to bed on Monday night.

"He kept nudging me, so finally I got up and went to go check," said Amanda Moss.

Amanda Moss says at her cat Cash's urging, she went and checked the kitchen and her laundry room.

She smelled smoke in the laundry room and got her husband.

He lifted the cover off of their hot water heater and found a small fire already burning.

He and Moss' father were able to get the fire out before it got any bigger.

And now Cash is getting some star treatment.

"He's acting great, acting like a king now, he gets everything he wants. He doesn't get dismissed about anything," Moss told WIS News 10.

Moss also said Cash got a big bowl of milk the next day.

Posted by Logan Smith

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