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Vultures biting dog, chasing child

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NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC (WIS) - "They're very rude," Alexis tells WIS News 10.

"They stink," says Sonny.

They've been called a lot of names by a lot of people, especially by the Harmons. "I would have to say they're ugly as anything," says Alexis.

But one thing you won't find these two calling them, is nice. "They're big, mean, and black," says Alexis.

We call them vultures, a name "Sonny" Harmon has grown to hate. "They've become a nuisance."

They've started invading her yard "200 at a time," she says.

"It's like something you'd see in a Stephen King movie," Sonny says.

They're biting her dog and even chasing little Alexis, who says, "That ain't a good thing."

It's all happened in the past month. Sonny says, "I want to get rid of them."

So Sonny called the US Department of Agriculture. Their advice is to use fireworks to scare them away. Sonny says, "That's all he told me."

Since vultures are a federally and state protected bird, you can't shoot them. Just don't tell that to Alexis. "I want them to just die."

But when WIS News 10 called the Department of Agriculture, we learned there is an exception. As a last resort, the Harmons could apply for a depredation permit, which would allow them to shoot "some" of the birds.

Sonny says, "When you're outnumbered by something a hundred to one that's pretty scary."

For now, Sonny says she's going to try fireworks, keep a closer eye on her dog and just hope for the best. "I hope we can at least minimize the problem."

Alexis hopes "they never come again!"

In the vultures' defense, they normally don't attack humans or animals. Joanna Weitzel with Carolina Wildlife Care says this case is highly unusual. She says the good news is since the birds are migratory, they may be leaving as the weather starts to warm up.

Reported by Trey Paul

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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