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Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton visit same Midlands church

Posted: Updated: Jan 20, 2008 05:39 PM EST

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Now that the Republican primary is over in South Carolina, it's on to the Democrats.

If you've ever visited Bible Way Church of Atlas Road, you know there's a lot of singing. On Sunday morning, the church had two extra voices: Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton. 

One was on one side of the church, one on the other. And the congregation took note.

"I don't know. It was kinda awkward," said Evette Brown.

"Well to me I think it shows divide but I think once this is over on Saturday, I think our country will be united because we are all going to come together and rally behind whoever gets the nomination," said Sarah Brown.

Pastor Darrell Jackson, who is a senior consultant for the Clinton campaign in South Carolina, says the seating arrangements were no accident.

"It is our custom that when campaigns come that we sit one on one side, and one on the other," said Jackson.

Neither Mrs. Obama nor Miss Clinton spoke at the pulpit, but after the service they did speak to churchgoers.

"Everybody showing them love. Everybody loving them," said Latoya Boyd.

From the balcony it seemed like half the church migrated towards Obama, the other half towards Clinton -- perhaps a foreshadowing of what we'll see at the polls on Saturday.

"When I read about Obama and his target audience, the African-Americans and the women, something told me I should vote for Obama," said Eric Williams.

"I still think Hillary is a stronger candidate. I think she's the one. I think she's got the history, the experience, and I've just known of him since the candidacy," said Cecilia Williams.

"I'm undecided at this time but I'm gonna vote for one of them," said Evette Brown.

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards also made a stop in the capital city Sunday. He took part in the NAACP's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration at Zion Baptist Church.

Posted by Logan Smith

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