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Check your polling place

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MIDLANDS, SC (WIS) - The Democratic primary is Saturday, January 26th. But when you head out to vote, you may not go to your normal polling place.

The staff at the State Election Commission is trying to make sure everyone's on the same page for the primaries, as voting this time around is being managed by the state and not the political parties.

Garry Baum of the South Carolina Election Commission says, "The state legislature passed a bill that requires the state and the county election commissions to conduct the presidential primaries."

The oversight is designed to make the whole process more uniform county to county. Baum says, "The public can expect to see a very well-run election."

Voters will notice some changes in two dozen South Carolina counties, where polling places have been consolidated to save money.

In the Midlands - for instance, in Richland, Fairfield, Saluda and Newberry counties - voters might be going to different locations to cast their ballots.

In Richland, St. Michael's Episcopal Church will host voters from both the Trenholm Road and Cooper precincts. In addition to that one, several other polling places will also take in voters from a second precinct:

  • Ward 5: Will vote with Olympia precinct at Olympia School.
  • Friarsgate 2: Will vote with Friarsgate1 at Friarsgate Park, 1712 Chadford Road, Irmo.
  • Horrell Hill: Will vote with McEntire precinct, Southeast Middle School.
  • Keenan: Will vote with Ward 6, Bradley Elementary School.
  • Meadowfield: Will vote with Woodlands precinct, Woodlands Park, 6500 Old Knight Parkway.
  • Riverside: Will vote with Westminster precinct, Westminster Presbyterian, 1714 Broad River Road.
  • Wildewood: Will vote with Polo Road precinct, Polo Park, 730 Polo Road.
  • Ward 24: Will vote with Ward 25 at Kilbourne Park Baptist Church.

If you're planning to vote in the primary, you can check for your polling location. It's the "Find Your Precinct" option in the upper right.

If you do not have your voter registration card and do not know your precinct name, you can use the "Check Your Voter Registration" feature found in the menu under "Voters."

Reported by Jack Kuenzie

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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