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Table scraps can be deadly for dogs

MIDLANDS, SC (WIS) - With so much food around this Thanksgiving, it's likely you'll drop a bite or two to your best friend, your dog. Your motive may be good, but it can have disastrous results.

Many people think table scraps are a special treat, but some can be deadly for dogs. Cesar Millan, host of National Geographic's the Dogs Whisperer says there are some things you should definitely avoid feeding your pets.

That includes things like turkey skin. High-fat foods, like turkey skin, are hard for dogs to digest, and can lead to pancreatitis. If you want to share your bird, give your dog a small piece of white meat.

Turkey bones can also be dangerous. Unlike rawhide bones, cooked poultry bones are brittle and can splinter easily. If ingested, they can lodge in the throat and even cause stomach or intestinal problems.

Onions can also be a problem. High levels of onion ingestion in dogs and cats can cause a life-threatening blood disorder. Don't throw any leftovers - like stuffing or casseroles - into your dog's dish if they contain onions.

An artificial sweetener called Xylitol - even in small amounts - can cause seizures, liver failure, and death. Xylitol is in some sugar-free cookies or gum.

Other foods to avoid include grapes and raisins which can cause life-threatening kidney failure in some dogs.

And most pet owners have heard about the danger of chocolate - but with the recent popularity of dark chocolates, which contain higher doses of toxic cocoa, it's more important than ever to make sure your pet doesn't chomp down on any chocolate goodies.

Reported by Judi Gatson

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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