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SC Treasurer's Office may have money for you

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - You could have unclaimed money at the South Carolina Treasurer's Office. In the month of September alone, they returned a record nearly $900,000 of unclaimed funds to people across the state. Most people don't even know the money is out there.

"When I first saw it, I really didn't believe that it was true," says Caryn Burgess, who had no idea she had nearly $4,000 in unclaimed money.

But she's not alone. In fact, the South Carolina Treasurer's Office has money or property for about a million people. That adds up to about $200 million of unclaimed money.

SC Deputy State Treasurer Scott Malyerck says, "With a million accounts out there it's hard. And sometimes when unclaimed property is remitted to us, by business and banks, insurance companies, they will only give us their name."

To find out if you have property that belongs to you, you can call the South Carolina Treasurer's Office, or go to their website.

Caryn says she probably would not have ever gone to their website to see if she had unclaimed money, had it not been for a friend. "Yes, I actually was surprised to find out, because I had no clue that money was out there like that."

The largest claim ever was $400,000 given in 2005. Right now, there is $100,000 owed to one person who the treasurer's office can't find. Malyerck says, "So it's a win/win situation. Tax payers aren't paying for the time for us to search, they are not paying for us to house the files and they're getting money back."

While Caryn waits on her check to arrive, she has this advice for you. "Do not think it is not true. Go on the website, put your name in. Try to find out if there is money owed to you, because it's out there and you need to claim it."

To find out if you have unclaimed money, you can call (803) 737-4771 or click here>>

Reported by Brandi Cummings

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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