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Health Alert: Fountain of youth in a pill

NATIONAL - Scientists claim they've harnessed the fountain of youth in a pill. But hang on to your hat - the price to turn back the clock might turn your hair grey.

Bill Andrews is an avid runner who works hard to stay fit. So when he heard about the new anti-aging pill, he wanted in on the action. "I wasn't going to just sit back and watch it be studied. I want to get in it."

The 55-year-old scientist understands how the pill works and hopes it's worth the cost.

TA Sciences Founder Noel Patton says, "The price is $25,000 for a one year protocol. That includes this product, other nutritional supplements and five series of medical exams."

The product is TA-65 - a single, purified molecule extracted from a Chinese herb. "We have a molecule; it's the first in the history of the world that actually rejuvenates cells," says Patton.

The makers of TA-65 claim it works by protecting cell chromosomes. Patton says, "Cells, every time they divide, the ends of the chromosomes called the telomeres get shorter."

As they get shorter, the cell gets older and eventually dies. The process has been linked to aging.

The owner of TA Sciences claims TA-65 activates an enzyme that restores the ends of chromosomes to reverse the cell's age. Patton says, "So if, for example, we made cells ten years younger, I'm not saying that we do, but if we made cells ten years younger, it would then take them ten years to get that old again."

The manufacturer's trial of TA-65 shows positive anti-aging benefits. Dr. Jochem Kumm says, "There's a very tantalizing result here that shows that this product actually improves a number of functions and makes you more youthful."

Time will tell if TA-65 truly is time in a bottle.

An unpublished study suggests that TA-65 improves the immune system, skin condition, eyesight, and male sexual function. The pills are now available, but you'll have to travel to New York to get them and sign up for a year-long protocol.

For information about TA-65, visit the company's website>> 

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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