Resource officer uses taser twice during arrest at Newberry Middle School - - Columbia, South Carolina

Resource officer uses taser twice during arrest at Newberry Middle School

(Newberry County) January 9, 2007 - School resource officers at Newberry Middle School managed to break up a fight starting between two students, but one of the officers used a taser twice in the process.

Earlier, a school resource officer was called to the office to assist with a student who had been involved in an earlier altercation. The student was counseled and released.

The resource officer and a supervisor from the school resource officer unit then went out to the area of school where the buses are located since school was dismissing. The officers say the  the student who they had just talked with went toward another student very aggressively and began using profanity and making threats toward the other student.

The officers attempted to stop the student. That's when, according to a release, the other student attempted to rush the first student. The second school resource officer began to struggle with him and was able to take him into custody and started placing him in a patrol car.

Then officials say the first student broke free from the school resource officer, charged the patrol car, grabbed the supervising school resource officer dealing with the other student, then jumped on the officer's back, and began swinging wildly, striking both the school resource officer and the other student.

The first officer then fired his taser, striking the student and stopping his attack. The student was placed on the ground, but authorities say he continued to fight with the officers and the taser was used a second time. The student then began to comply with the officers and was taken into custody.

The officers received minor injuries during the attack.

Sheriff Lee Foster thinks the taser prevented a worse outcome,  "I am convinced that had the officers not had the taser available to them, this incident could have escalated and turned out much differently.  It is very possible that the officers or the suspect could have been seriously injured."

Foster said that the student was checked by EMS, released, and taken to the Newberry County Sheriff's Office. He was then transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia pending adjudication of the charges of disturbing school and assault and battery on a police officer while resisting arrest. 

The second student was charged with disturbing schools, but was released to his parents.

Posted 5:11pm by Chantelle Janelle

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