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Hatch first part of Hunley to be restored

(Charleston-AP) January 5, 2007 - Scientists say a hatch cover of the Confederate submarine HL Hunley will be the first part of the sub to be restored using a process approved earlier by the US Navy.

The Navy has approved plans to conserve the hand-cranked sub by soaking it in high pH water to remove corrosive salts from the iron.

Treating the hatch first will give scientist a good idea how the bath process will work in penetrating areas where metal parts are attached to other parts of the submarine.

The Hunley sank with its crew of eight after sending the Union blockade ship Housatonic to the bottom in 1864.

The sub was located in 1995 and raised in 2000 from the Atlantic off Charleston.

It was the first sub in history to sink an enemy warship.

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