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Mother says toy phone doesn't say "six"

(Monks Corner-NBC) December 29, 2006 - It's a toy phone that repeats numbers when you touch them, but there is a surprise behind the number six. Instead of saying six, it repeats a profanity several times.

To make sure this wasn't just a problem with one phone, a second one was purchased at a K-mart and the six key does in fact make the same questionable sound.

Brandy Cunningham talks about her son's reaction, "He don't know it is cussing so when he goes to say it and I am at church, the grocery store, people hear those words they look at me like I taught him those words, like I say it around my kid and I don't."

A spokesman for Sears holdings, which owns K-mart, released a statement, "Sears holdings respects the opinions of our customers and has no intention of selling children's products that contain profanity. While we don't believe the product involves profanity, out of an abundance of caution we are checking the product that we have in our stores to see if any are defective. We will also pursue the issue with the manufacturer in the hopes of making sure future models of the phone speak more clearly. K-mart serves a diverse customer base and is committed to providing quality services, products and solutions that earn our customers' trust and build lifetime relationships."

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