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Spurrier not going anywhere, dispels Miami rumor

(Columbia) November 19, 2006 - It has been college football's red hot rumor - is Steve Spurrier the top target to coach the University of Miami next season? At least one national reporter says Spurrier is packing his bags. But Sunday, Spurrier shot down the question just six days before the matchup with Clemson.

It all started last night on a little known cable outlet and website called College Sports TV. A reporter there said unequivocally that Spurrier to Miami was already a done deal. Word spread so fast, Spurrier heard it from his daughter first thing this morning.

Two big problems though - current coach Larry Coker, who won't be back next year, hasn't officially been fired.

Then there was the word from Spurrier himself on his weekly teleconference, who was asked a variation of this Miami question seven different times.

Coach Spurrier was adamant about the falsity of the rumor. "This is the school I wanted to coach at. I'm not leaving unless I get run off. This is where I plan to be hopefully for the next five, seven, eight years or whatever," Spurrier told reporters.

Still, the questions were relentless. Even with Clemson on the horizon, this Miami job was all anyone wanted to talk about. ESPN had two reporters on the call, one of whom said he already had it on good authority from a Miami representative that Spurrier was indeed the Hurricanes' top target.

That brought out the best line of the day. Spurrier shot back and asked him, "Who at Miami - the president, the Athletic Director, or some guy sleeping under the bridge down there?''

All of this completely overshadows the year's most important game coming up on Saturday against Clemson.

The Tigers enjoyed a weekend of R&R, off this weekend for the 1st time all season. Tommy Bowden has to like this new story and diversion. Bowden is 6 and 1 against the Gamecocks, winning the last five.

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