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Pit bulls kill toddler in Bamberg

(Bamberg County) November 6, 2006 - A baby boy is dead after being mauled in a dog attack. It happened at a home on Sweet Pea Road in Bamberg County Saturday night. The child's father could soon face criminal charges.

Michael Young and his 22-month-old, Allen Young, moved into the home on Saturday, with their four pit bulls. Just a few hours later, there was an attack.

Deputy Norris Williams talks about the incident, "He told us that his child was in the bed sleeping, he went outside for a short period of time to speak with his new landlord. When he returned in the house, the dogs had dragged the child to the kitchen. He was on the kitchen floor, bleeding very badly."

Deputy Williams says the dogs cut the baby's face and head and punctured his chest. Investigators say the baby and dogs may have started off playing, then things got rough.

Michael Young rushed his son to the emergency room, but the boy died. The baby's father told investigators he wanted to leave the pit bulls outside, but didn't have enough time to build a post or fence before dark, so he let them in for the night. Deputy Williams saw the dogs after the attack, "I'm a K-9 handler. I went there prepared to do battle against vicious pit bulls. We went in, they were wagging their tails like part of the family."

But investigators say Michael Young should not have left his son alone with the dogs. So, he may face charges of homicide by child neglect. The dogs have been put to sleep.

Reported by Jennifer Wilson

Posted 5:10pm by Chantelle Janelle

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