Democrats, GOP raise money for voter turnout efforts - - Columbia, South Carolina

Democrats, GOP raise money for voter turnout efforts

(Columbia-AP) October 24, 2006 - South Carolina Democrats appear to have pulled past Republicans in raising cash in their state filings to help turn out voters for the elections in two weeks.

But they're far behind in federal cash.

State campaign finance reports show Democrats had about $99,000 on hand at the end of September in their state accounts. Republicans had $71,000.

But the parties have money they've raised in federal accounts that can be used to help get-out-the-vote efforts, too. And Federal Election Commission filings show Republicans are far ahead there, with $195,000 compared to $24,000 for the Democrats.

The get-out-the-vote money is normally used in the last three days of an election cycle for mailings and phone banks encouraging people to vote.

State GOP executive director Scott Malyerck says that effort already is under way with close to 200,000 calls to Republicans around the state.

Posted 10:28pm by Chantelle Janelle

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