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Poll suggests voters leaning toward Democrats

(Washington, DC) October 6, 2006 - A week after the world found out about the disturbing emails of Congressman Mark Foley, Republicans got more bad news: a poll, suggesting that voters are ready to turn over both houses of Congress to Democrats.

The Foley investigation is just gearing up. More disclosures could rock the hill. And Republicans are split, some breaking with leadership, others following the lead of President Bush.

Hoping to put the sex scandal on back burner, President Bush will put on a show of Republican unity next week, appearing with house speaker Dennis Hastert in Illinois.

But Hastert is still being shunned by some Republican candidates. New Jersey GOP Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr. called again for Hastert to resign.

Former House aide Kirk Fordham is telling the FBI that he warned Hastert's office years ago that former Congressman Mark Foley could not be trusted around house pages.

Investigators will talk to Jeff Trandahl, the former House clerk who's close to Hastert. Staffers say Trandahl knew about Foley's page problem.

How badly will the scandal hurt the GOP with voters? The new Time magazine poll found 80 percent aware of the scandal, 25 percent say it will affect their vote and 54 percent say they'll likely vote Democratic.

Conservative Paul Weyrich says, "I had predicted five weeks ago that Democrats would win both houses. At that time many people were skeptical. They're not skeptical now."

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