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WIS viewers help track down the best burger in the Midlands

(Midlands) September 14, 2006 - If you just watched Oprah, then you know she went searching across the country for America's best burger. They didn't even come to South Carolina, so we decided to do a little searching of our own. Our goal? To find the best burger in the Midlands.  And we did it with your help!

We asked you to tell us your favorite burger spot. Over 250 of you responded, and the top three vote getters? Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries, Ruby Tuesday and Rockaway's. 

Here's what some of you had to say about the top choices. We've also listed all locations that were nominated below:

Winner: Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries  [Website | Find a store]

"Five Guys - all locations; the best burger, buns and best quality toppings!!"
Marsha Davis, Columbia  

"Five Guys Famous Hamburgers and Fries. All of their burgers are good because it is homemade with real beef. It is made to order with a variety of toppings to choose from."
Burton Janice, Columbia  

"Five Guys has the BEST burgers! The meats have never been frozen. It's always fresh and it's made to order as soon as you've ordered. You can get whatever you want for toppings, and you can even get "double burgers". Their burgers really are the best. Sometimes they can be greasy, but once in awhile, it wont kill you. They have good hot dogs too. Go..you wont be disappointed!"
Debbie Schwarcz, Lexington  

"It's simple - Five Guys. There is no competition unless you're in your own back yard... "
James Milliken, Columbia  

"Five Guys Famous Burgers & Fries either location any of the burgers--the fresh ingredients and care that goes into each burger makes them far and away the best in town. "
J.P. Scurry, Columbia  

"5 Guys burgers and Fries. I have tried several of their burgers and have not had a bad one yet. Our 6 year old grandson and his Grampy love to go there as a treat. Tyler always orders the biggest one, with Grampy, my husband, standing behind him showing smaller. Special order to please will delight any palate. Plus what a better way to have grandparent bonding!"
Marion Mecca, Columbia  

Honorable mention:

Ruby Tuesday  

"The Triple Prime Burger at Ruby Tuesday is the best burger I've ever eaten! It's fresh meat with awesome flavor and is very juicy. The roll that it's on is wonderful also. The whole burger is just mouth watering! "
Abby Taylor, Greenwood  

"Ruby Tuesdays. My sister ate hers and then she wanted mine. I loved mine and I wouldn't give her any. My Mom is going to take us again real soon. "
Joey Coccarelli, Irmo  


"Rockaways- The burgers are so good even the President couldn't resist one!"
Kelley Donovan, Lexington  

"The Rockaway Burger at Rockaways on Rosewood is the best burger anywhere hands down. The hand patted patty has a great taste on its own, but when you add their pimiento cheese to it, it adds a whole new dimension."
Steve Murdaugh, Lexington

Beef O'Brady's
Big Mama's
C & D Café
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Circle Diner
D's Restaurant
Daddy O's
Dairy O
Dam Bar
Dean's Restaurant/Store
Dixie Drive -in
Fat Boy's
Haile St. Grill
Hunter Gatherer
Joes to Goes
Joey's Sub & Sandwich
Mack's Dinner
Mainstreetz Café
Mathias Sandwich Shop
Maurice's Bar-b-q
Mom & Pop's Store
Nick's Place
Outpost Food Mart
Palmetto Sandwich Shop
Psycho Burger
Road House
Salty Nut Café
Sami's Deli
Sandra's Kitchen
Shealy's Bar-b-q
Sunset Country Club
T-Squared Diner
Wild Hare

Posted 5:01pm by Bryce Mursch

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